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Blazing the R&B scene with thrash metal solos, poetic lyrics and smooth vocals w/ punk tendencies, Singer/song-writer/guitarist/producer JonoJono has taken a rebellious path in todays music on and off stage. Experimenting with the fusion of soulful melodies and aggressive vocals, he introduced a new sound with his debut single "Life(feat. Neisha)" which fine-tuned the seamless integration of distortion and volume associated with hard rock with the melismatic and synthesizer-heavy sounds associated with R&B. Before his debut as an indie artist, he was generally producing live instrumentals on his pastime using Garageband iOS and he soon produced and released "Contradictions (Interlude)" which hybridizes poetry/spoken word, electronic, neo-soul and rock guitar. Upon release of “Contradictions”, his debut visual, on YouTube and other social sharing platforms in 2017 his social presence had been cemented by the swift, growing buzz the project had garnered. Following his debut EP "The Life" and his follow up buzz single "Wavy" he generated peak interest from notable radio outlets like : "The Breakfast Club" on 93.7 The Beat and other major platforms. Once "Senses" was released on Nov. 2018, the single garnered a peak 10K+ streams in the 1st week and the rebel was soon inaugurated with gritty, high energy live performances at notable venues and festivals in the southern regions. In the wake of his debut LP, JonoJono has gained deals and collaborated with companies like Swisher Sweets and others to support his anomalous sound and attitude while continuously stirring an eager fan base . With an eye on the horizon, JonoJono strives to blaze his own movement in music for listeners and fans alike.


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